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Innovative measuring equipment
and software for the bodymakers
of 2-piece can lines
Bodymaker Force Monitor Gauge
Bodymaker Alignment Gauge Calibration

Bodymaker alignment: dynamic alignment, die

alignment, ram alignment, dome station alignment


Dome (bottom former) overtravel


Can forming forces: redraw, 1st, 2nd and 3rd ironing forces

Latest News:


Nov 19: v2.34 of FSA released. Corrected display faults when text is selected to appear larger than 100%

Nov 19: v2.33 of FSA released. Minor graphics change to prevent bottom of display being hidden from view

Oct 19: v2.32 of FSA released. More minor graphics bug fixes

Sep 19: v2.31 of FSA released. Bug fixed that was causing errors with application window size

Aug 19: v2.30 of FSA released. Window size now scales to fit the display size. Will work with 800x600 upwards

Jun 19: v 2.26 of FSA released. Improved layout of “Adjustments” page

Jun 18: Version 2.03 of Bodymaker Force Monitor released. Force can be plotted against crank angle, zooming feature added, plus a number of operational improvements and bug fixes.

Mar 18: Version 2.25 of FSA released. Required re-alignments can be viewed in vertical and horizontal directions.

Sept 17: Version 2.01 of Bodymaker Force Monitor released. Data can be exported to spreadsheet.

Apr 17: Version 2.07 of Delta Dome Overtravel Monitor released. Bug fixes.

Jul 16:

Version 2.24 of FSA released. Warnings added if gauge is not Zero Calibrated, or if “doming override” function is activated.

Version 2.06 of Delta Dome Overtravel Monitor released. Alarms restructured.

Version 2.0 of Delta Gauge released. Calibration procedure updated to reduce possibilty of user error.

May 16:

Version 2.23 of FSA released: ‘Default Punch’ and ‘Default Ram’ gain calibrations automatically regenerated If they are deleted.

Version 2.22 of FSA released: Expert System updated and reworded.

Dec 15

Version 2.21 of FSA software released: Gauge orientation during Zero Calibration explained more clearly

Nov 15

Version 2.20 of FSA software released: Expert System improved. Suggested re-alignment of toolpack and dome station now shown graphically. Also, advice about toolpack re-alignment has been updated

Jul 15

Version 2.04 of Dome Overtravel Monitor software released: bug fixes

Jun 15

Version 2.03 of Dome Overtravel Monitor software released: print function added

Apr 15

Version 2.11 of FSA software released: bug fixes and rewording

Jan 15

Version 2.0 of Dome Overtravel Monitor software released: now measures BM speed too and allows saving of measurements

Nov 14

Version 2.10 of FSA software released: resolves problem where dome misalignment was not measured in the 3rd. Also Calibration procedure changed to eliminate need for cable to exit underneath the calibration cradle.

Sep 14

Version 2.09 of FSA software released: auto-detection of faulty sensors.

Aug 14

Dome overtravel gauge used as a permanent installation giving constant monitoring and bodymaker protection.

Jun 14

Version 1.4 of Delta Dome Overtravel Monitor software released.

Nov 13

New tougher sensor cables available for Free Stroke Analyser

Jul 13

New portable Dome Overtravel Gauge released (can also be permanently installed on bodymakers)