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Bodymaker alignment gauge

The Free Stroke Analyser is a tool for the measurement of dynamic ram alignment, tool-pack or die alignment and dome station alignment. It can also be used as a static alignment gauge.

It is very easy to use - each measurement takes about one minute to complete and is carried out by putting the gauge ring in the tool-pack and running the bodymaker. This is generally done without making cans, in order to measure the natural path of the ram. (It is also possible to make measurements whilst making cans, which can give additional information).

As well as ram alignment, tool-pack alignment and dome station alignment, the gauge also provides other valuable data, such as ram vibration and the drift in alignment between the first few strokes and the steady state condition.

Dynamic measurements often reveal substantial misalignment, even on bodymakers that have good static alignment. The Free Stroke Analyser is therefore a very useful tool for improving ‘real’ bodymaker alignment.  Problem bodymakers can be quickly identified and maintenance can be more targeted. An ‘Expert System’ within the software suggests possible causes of any alignment problems that are detected and so helps maintenance work to become more effective. The end result is bodymakers that run better.

Many can plants worldwide are already seeing the benefits, as are development teams within some can manufacturers and coil suppliers.


Free Strke Analyser bodymaker alignment gauge


· More effective maintenance

· Less downtime

· Less spoilage (e.g. split domes)

· Tooling life

· Can quality

· Light-weighting programs

· Increasing line speed



The results of a dynamic alignment measurement are given graphically as shown above. The 3 graphs on the left of the display show the alignment of the punch sleeve to the tool-pack on the forward stroke. The 3 graphs in the centre show the dome station alignment, which is calculated from the ram defection as the punch enters the dome station. The graphs on the right show the alignment on the return stroke where ram vibration caused by dome station misalignment can be clearly seen.

Calibration of the Free Stroke Analyser gauge ring is straightforward and precise. The Calibration Cradle, which is included with the equipment, is designed to hold  customers actual punch sleeves.



Bodymaker alignment gauge calibration

Free Stroke Analyser


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