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A setup and diagnostic tool for measuring the dynamic alignment of bodymakers.

Measures alignment of tool-pack (dies), dome station and ram.

Gauge ring fits in tool-pack and is usually used when not making cans, i.e. with the cup feed off.

Can also be used for static alignment measurements.


Free Stroke Analyser
Free Stroke Analyser bodymaker alignment gauge
Delta Gauge
Bodymaker Force Monitor
Bodymaker Force Monitor for measurement of metal forming loads
An extremely powerful and portable tool for measuring can forming loads (forces) within bodymakers.

Measures dynamic load signal against time and crank angle position. Loads during different forming stages (redraw, 1st, 2nd, 3rd) can all be analysed.

Average and peak loads can be trended over time.
Delta Gauge bodymaker die alignment gauge
A simple to use ram and die alignment gauge for bodymakers.

This simplified spin off from the Free Stroke Analyser gives accurate static alignment measurements that are graphically displayed on a rugged handheld computer.

A permanent record is kept by saving measurements into the database.
Free Stroke Analyser
Designed by Delta-H Technology, this product is available exclusively through
Stolle Machinery LLC


Bodymaker Force Monitor
Delta Dome Overtravel Monitor
Safe and accurate overtravel measurement at any bodymaker speed.

Uses a non-contact sensor fitted to the back of the dome station using the supplied bracket.

Can be fitted temporarily as a setup tool or be installed on every bodymaker to provide continuous monitoring and protection.


Delta Dome Overtravel Gauge

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