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Bodymaker Force Monitor


Portable gauge equipment and software for measuring metal forming loads in DWI can-making bodymakers

Three high quality piezo-electric load sensors are housed in a gauge ring. The gauge ring fits behind the final ironing ring of bodymakers with cradle type tool-packs. The gauge ring is 10mm thick and so can fit in most tool-packs with only small modifications to the widths of modules or coolant spacers.

The equipment fits into a small briefcase size carry case and connects to a standard notebook computer. It is quick to setup and easy to use.

The gauge technology was originally developed by Rasselstein, the German steel maker, and has proven to be effective and reliable in extensive testing.

It has now been packaged with new software written by Delta-H Technology, the makers of dynamic ram alignment measuring equipment known as the Free Stroke Analyser, which is used in many can plants worldwide.

In on-line mode, the gauge will capture the data and display it in real-time. The data is automatically saved and displayed graphically as shown.


Gauge Ring

Load Signal

The forming loads during the redraw and 1st, 2nd and 3rd ironing stages can clearly be identified.

Another graphic shows the forming loads during the latest stroke, in relation to pre-defined reference values.


Snapshot of loads during latest stroke

Trend graphs show how the loads and the signal lengths have changed over time.


Trending over time

Process variations such as those caused by tooling wear, die changes, coil changes and temperature variations are clearly identified on the trend graphs.

The signal length is related to the untrimmed can length and can therefore be used to detect short cans. The short can percentage during a run is displayed on the screen.

After capture, the results can be analysed in more detail. Strokes can be selected using on-screen tools. Any number of strokes from one up to the entire database can be selected and analysed.


Example showing a sequence of 10 strokes with 1 short can


Mean and peak loads within specified sections of the load signals can be analysed in detail. These are displayed in the trend graphs and average values for the selected strokes are given numerically.


The equipment is intended for can-makers, aluminium and steel producers, as well as bodymaker and tooling suppliers. Its uses are many. For example, it could be used by R&D departments investigating the effects of tooling design or coil grade/supplier. Can plants could also use it as a SPC tool for can production or to provide data if they have problems with particular coil or tooling suppliers. Coil or tooling suppliers could use it to provide evidence of the advantages of their products over those from alternative suppliers.


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